Adobe Analytics Clickstream BigQuery Connector

Bringing Adobe Analytics clickstream data into BigQuery, the easy way! Now you have the option to automate the process of data transfer and loading through a simple connector service.

adobe analytics bq connector

Why import Adobe Analytics raw data into BigQuery?

  1. Join your digital data with additional data sources (i.e. CRM data, offline transactions, cost of products) overcoming limitations of Adobe
  2. Integrate Adobe Analytics data in existing Data Studio reports
  3. Utilise SQL to interrogate your data and gain much deeper understanding of your visitors’ actions
  4. Apply custom attribution models outside of the features Adobe Analytics is offering
  5. Retrospectively apply processing and build custom SQL models
  6. Debug your data collection process much more accurately by viewing individual page views and link events
  7. Finally, build your own data repository where you hold all your clickstream data and it is available to Data Scientists and Data Engineers

What is the connector offering

  • Data transfer to Google Cloud Storage from an FTP location of your choice
  • Data load to your dataset in Google BigQuery
  • Old data is archived in Storage for future use/reference
  • Fully scheduled solution with cost minimisation in mind
column strcuture
Adobe Analytics Clickstream tables structure

If this is new to you and want to understand more about the capabilities using Adobe Analytics Clickstream, the following posts will be highly informative in realising you potential:

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